Rain Water Harvesting Work
Rain Water Harvesting Work

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Dewatering & Rain water Harvesting

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Rain Water Harvesting Work in Chennai

Rain Water Harvesting Work in Chennai – P.A. Dewatering System is one of the reliable Rainwater Harvesting service providers in Chennai. Our company offers guidance, installation services for rain water conservation at very reasonable price available in market.

If you plan to save rain water, we provide trustworthy and best rainwater harvesting system for your home. With the support of an experienced team of professionals, we are able to provide rainwater harvesting services to our clients. The services make available are carried out using modern rainwater harvesting methods under the strict guidance of our experts. Our qualified professionals assure clients that the services we provide are highly reliable.

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For more information regarding the Rainwater Harvesting or to get a full quote, please contact us today on 98411 99046.


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Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

In result, Rainwater Harvesting has a wide range of possible advantages, such as financial savings, the ability to meet water needs, advantages for the environment, better water quality, and lessened stress on municipal water systems. It is a sustainable and cost-effective solution that can help ensure water security and improve the quality of life for people living in areas with limited access to water. By offering incentives and educating the public on the advantages of rainwater harvesting, governments and communities should promote its use.

Rainwater harvesting also provides environmental benefits. It minimizes storm water runoff, which can cause flooding, erosion, and water pollution. Rainwater can be used productively rather than being wasted by being collected and stored. This reduces the pressure on natural water sources and helps to conserve them for future use. Additionally, by reducing storm water runoff, rainwater harvesting helps to mitigate the effects of urbanization on the natural water cycle.

Roof Rain Water Harvesting Tasks work in Chennai

Rain Water Harvesting Structure (RWHS) project is implemented at Chennai in
association with Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology. The main objective of Rainwater harvesting is to provide roof rain water harvesting tanks for those who have limited access to resources and enable families to independently store a safe, long term supply of safe drinking water without jeopardizing their livelihoods and health of families.

This project had also provided opportunities to demonstrate and educate rural community about benefits of it’s for improved health, hygiene and livelihood. The main component is RWH structures, for those who have limited access to resources, low caste status and poor financial conditions would enable them independently store a year long supply of safe drinking water and benefit by freeing up time that the women would spend collecting water.

The low cost options with equal strength and longevity available elsewhere are adopted after due consultation with the beneficiaries. It ensures safe drinking water during scarcity period.

The Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting

 Reduce water consumption
Harvested rainwater will collect and automatically be used for various systems, such as toilet flushing, outside taps etc. The result will be less water usage and cheaper bills and a greener home or commercial premises.

Quick and easy to install and start collecting
Installation is managed by your dedicated technical account manager who overseas all operations and provides specific advice to you. All equipment is also thoroughly tested before leaving our premises.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems reduce carbon emissions

Rainwater Harvesting Systems are proven to reduce reliance on carbon producing mains water supplies. For every 1000m3 of rainwater used, there is a saving of 285KgCo2e to be had. Read our guide to carbon emissions here.

Tailored to your specific requirements
Rainwater Harvesting systems are available in a range of sizes and options. This means our system will be specifically tailored for your needs, ensuring you have the right system at the right cost.

Complete solution from one supplier
We offer servicing, maintenance and installation alongside the system, so you only need one supplier to ensure your system runs cost effectively for its lifetime. As we installed the rainwater harvesting system we’re in the best position to maintain and service it.

We’re confident that we can provide the right Rainwater Harvesting system for your business or household.

For more information regarding the Rainwater Harvesting or to get a full quote, please contact us today on 98411 99046.


We are satisfied with Rainwater harvesting   performance and we truly thankful for PA Dewatering System.

We believe and development a great partnership with P.A. Dewatering system  and their dedication to our work Is evident in all aspects .

We appreciate their attention to complete rain water harvesting work well done.

They value teamwork so much. And they listen to customers words and feedback and that matters to us.

FAQ’s about Rain Water

Material of construction: Reinforced cement concrete, (RCC), ferrocement, masonry, plastic (polyethylene) or metal (galvanised iron) sheets are commonly used.

The Modern methods of rainwater harvesting are categorized under two, they areØModern Methods of Water Harvesting Artificial Recharging and Rain Water Harvesting.

Rooftop rainwater harvesting (RTRWH) is the most common technique of rainwater harvesting (RWH) for domestic consumption.

rainwater harvesting system, also called rainwater collection system or rainwater catchment system, technology that collects and stores rainwater for human use. Rainwater harvesting systems range from simple rain barrels to more elaborate structures with pumps, tanks, and purification systems.

In the future, rainwater harvesting is expected to become more integrated with other water management technologies, such as greywater reuse and water-saving fixtures.

For example, while for a catchment area of 100 m2, with two users, the maximum percentage of water demand that can be satisfied from harvested rainwater is 34%.

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